Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Since this is my first post I wanted it to be with a truly classic Chicago pizza establishment.  It also helped that I went with a friend from out of town who had never before had “Chicago style” pizza.  So Lou Malnati’s was going to be his introduction.  We chose the one in the West Loop of Chicago.  It’s a newer one that opened in 2014.  You can tell it’s  newer too; everything still looks nice and clean.  We got there around 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon.  Parking was easy.  They do have an attached lot for about 20 or so cars.


We were greeted immediately upon entering and taken to our table which was on the second floor.  The first floor had a small bar and few tables, as well as restrooms and the kitchen.  There was a covered patio area for dining as well.  I did see an elevator to the second floor, so it’s all handicap accessible.

Once at our table it took a while for the server to come over; noticeably a long time.  When he did arrive he was pleasant and asked if we were waiting for another.  It seemed he thought we were and that could be why he waited to come over.

For our meal we went with a large deep dish pizza with sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, and spinach on it.  While waiting we also got a combo starter that had four fried items: mushrooms, zucchini, mozzarella sticks, and cheddar balls.  We also ordered the three cheese bread to start.  Drink of choice was sodas.

The server brought out our combo platter first.  We thought he was going to bring out the cheese bread right after but he never did.  When he took our order he didn’t write any of it down and missing one of our appetizers made it apparent he should have written it down.  It’s probably a good thing as we ended up with too much food, even for a couple fat guys.


The pizza was great.  For Chicago style deep dish it takes about a half hour to bake and that’s about when it arrived.  It came out hot.  The crust was a good mix of crunch and chew.  There was plenty of toppings.  Maltnati’s Chicago style pizza is a little different than regular pizza.  As they say, it’s made “backwards” from thin crust.  After the thick crust is prepped the cheese is put directly on the crust.  Then the ingredients are put on.  Then the pizza is topped with the sauce.  The sauce has lots of large chunks of tomatoes in it.  It fills you up fast.


Getting refills for our sodas took a long time.  Our server seemed to disappear from the dining room for long periods of time.  Maybe he felt bad about it or maybe he just forgot but the sodas weren’t on the final bill.  Neither was the appetizer we never received.  I almost forgot, we asked for a water at one point and that didn’t come either.

Overall, the pizza was great.  Atmosphere was nice. Service left a little to be desired.  The bill came to a total of $45.27.  Just want to mention that they offer dine in, carry out, delivery, and catering.  I also saw a private room as well for events.  Their website has their hours and it also mentions it runs free shuttles to the United Center for both Hawks and Bulls games.


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