1138 North Green St, McHenry IL 60050

I love this pizza!  Dang it, I gave away the reveal too early.  Oh well, it’s true.  But lets start at the beginning shall we.

As always I’m going to be dining with a friend.  She loves and recommended this place. It sits in a very pretty area, downtown and along a channel that runs in to series of waterways that are called the Chain O Lakes.  There’s a nice little gazebo on the corner and there’s a dining patio along the side of the building.  On my visit, which was a Thursday night around 7:30, there was singer on the patio.  It was a nice night and is the perfect atmosphere for that sort of thing.  There was an easel out front with the nightly specials.

I went inside and since I arrived early I went and sat at the bar while I waited for my friend.  I was greeted immediately.  She answered a quick question about the drafts and then poured my choice.  I knew I wouldn’t be staying at the bar so I had a ten dollar bill on the bar before she even returned with the beer.  She just left it and did some other things.  My friend arrived less than ten minutes later.  I had her get a table while I paid for my beer.  I asked for the bartender to cash me out.  It was a $5 beer and she returned with $5 bill.  I’m not sure if she didn’t want a tip or expected the five as one, but I luckily had singles in my wallet.

The first table we were sat at was extremely wobbly.  Our server tried to level it out with coasters but to no avail.  So we switched tables to a nice sturdy one.  I was told by my friend that I had to have the butter crust.  The Thursday special happened to be a two topping butter crust special.  How fortuitous for us.  We went with the 14-inch butter crust with pepperoni and garlic.

The dining room is pretty large.  There’s booths along the wall when you walk in with tables in the middle.  There’s a pizza buffet area with hot lamps and soda machine.  There’s the aforementioned bar with some high top tables across from it.  On the back end was another little dining area.  There are plenty of TVs everywhere.

How it arrived

The pizza arrived and just looked so good.  It took about 20-25 minutes I would guess.  It was hot upon arrival.  The cheese was perfectly cooked and there was a lot of it, nice and stretchy.  There were plenty of toppings and the sauce had a good flavor.  The crust was a pan style, not as thick as deep dish but more so than a hand tossed.  It was crunchy and chewy and because of the butter, flavorful.  I can classify this as one of my favorites.  It was greasy though with all that butter and cheese.  They have cardboard in between the pizza and baking sheet and it was just soaked in grease.

Cheesy. (The pizza, not her.)
Two good slices filled us up, so we took the rest home.  The server we had was very pleasant.  She let us move tables without an issue.  She might have been newer because we mentioned the Thursday special and asked about a beer and she couldn’t answer either.  The other thing I’d like to mention, and I am sorry to the staff for spreading the word, it that they brought out a desert and sang for someone’s birthday that was nearby.  The total bill was $42.54 for the pizza and four beers.

I definitely enjoyed my visit here and will definitely return.  On our way out we talked with some people who mentioned that one of the other locations they have isn’t nearly as good.  I’ll check it out and let you know.  Also they have a location in Arizona.  It seems that all the great Chicago pizza places are heading out that way.


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