Pizza Transit

Pizza Transit
215 E Main St, Niles MI 49120

I’m extending the Pete Za Blog universe already.  This post is coming to you from Niles, Michigan.  I’m up visiting for my nephew’s second birthday and thought I’d see what the local area has to offer for pizza.  I was told that this small town has at least nine places to get pizza, about half are dine-in.  I said pick one and we ended up at Pizza Transit.  My sister said that they were the ones that win awards year in and out.

Pizza Transit is located in downtown Niles in an old building.  Real old I’m guessing as the floors looked at least a hundred years old.  We got there at about 7:15 on a Saturday night.  There were about 15 tables; four booths, two long tables, and around ten four-top tables.  It was seat yourself so we grabbed a highchair for my nephew, they had them conveniently located at the front, and grabbed a booth.


This place is fun.  The walls are decorated with tons of stuff.  There’s a wall of their awards.  They have superheros throughout the place.  Lots of movie and tv pictures.  They have a section for kids to hang the menus they colored.  There’s a penny crushing machine, an old sit down two person arcade game, and maybe best of all a knight’s suit of armor!

PT (as I’m now calling it) has a pizza of the month.  This months was a jalapeno popper pizza. Oh my that sounded good; cream, cheddar, and mozzarella cheeses , jalapenos, and bacon.  sounded good to me however, the two with me weren’t going to have any.  So I’ll have to try it another time.  We ended up with a kid’s pasta, a medium chicken Alfredo pizza, and a medium spinach, mushroom, garlic pizza.  If you’re a frequent reader you recognize that’s a popular choice of mine.  There was also two sodas.

The kid’s pasta came out first, followed closely by the pizzas.  They looked good.  It took maybe fifteen minutes for the pies to come out after ordering.  They were super steamy so they were definitely hot enough.  I personally think  it could have stayed in the oven a couple more minutes; the cheese was not quite brown enough for my liking.


There were plenty of toppings and they were fresh.  No canned mushrooms for us.  There was plenty of cheese and it stretched quite a ways when taking it off the tin.  The Alfredo sauce was good and I thought the tomato sauce was alright.  We weren’t asked what kind of crust we wanted and it came out in what I would call hand tossed.  Thin-ish  in the middle with a chewy crust.  The crust was good, especially with some cheese baked on it.

Our server was a friendly girl.  She was polite and accommodating as well as knowledgeable. She gave us her name when she first greeted us, which I like a lot.  I like knowing who’s taking care of me.

Some final thoughts on this place.  Total damage was $27.75.  It’s street parking but there’s plenty of it around plus two municipal lots on the same block.  There was not a lot of people in there eating, but there was plenty of people coming in for carry out.  There’s a “living room” near the counter with a couch and large tv.  There may or may not be video game hooked up to it.  Looks like a cozy place to wait for your carry out.  They have different types of crust (gluten free and wheat) but only one style (hand tossed).  It looks like they have online ordering for your convenience.

I’d eat here again.



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