Perry’s Pizza Joynt

39 W North Ave, Northlake IL 60164

This week I was on my way to my friend’s place.  I was going to crash at his place so we could head into the city first thing in the morning to catch the Bears game.  Don’t be jealous, they’re not that good this year.  It was around dinner time so I said I’d buy dinner and that always means pizza.

I found this place on yelp that was near his house and it had a good star rating.  I gave them a call and a man answered the phone.  I told him I had not been there before and asked if they had a house special.  They did and it had sausage, onions, mushrooms, and peppers.  Not my favorite combination but I went with it.  I wanted a soda with it so I inquired about it and they said they had cans of RC cola.  RC!  Wow, you don’t see that much anywhere.  It’s like a blast from the past.  I told him I wanted it ready at six-thirty.  OK and hung up the phone.  I didn’t get a price which I would have liked.

This place was easy to find.  It is right on the main road with a nice big sign.  You walk in the front door and you have your choice, to the left is the restaurant door or to the right is the lounge door.  A lounge! After reading the menu I learned this place opened up in the 1979 and took over the place from some other lounge.

Wow!  I’m not sure if I went back in time or this place is a set from the movies.  I wish I had taken pictures of this place, but I forgot.  It’s probably exactly like what you would think a lounge from the 70s would be.  It was dimly lit with a carpeted floor and a lot of red everywhere.

Famous pizza box

I couldn’t tell where to pick up my pizza, there was no clear indicator.  An elderly man carrying menus asked if he could help me.  After telling him I had a carryout he walked me to this little server station in the back.  He rang me up and had a female coworker go get my pizza.  The total for a large house special pizza and can of coke was $21.45.  She came back and said it would be just a minute.  I walked over to the lounge to have a beer.  It sat maybe 8-10 people.  Just as I was about to sit the woman came back up to me with my pizza.

The house special

The pizza was loaded with onions and peppers and mushrooms.  There was sausage in there as well but not as bountiful.  The mushrooms were canned which isn’t the best.  As you can see from the picture the pizza wan’t cooked the same throughout, with the middle a little less so than the edges; maybe in part to a bunch of mushrooms there.  My buddy said that he could also taste the difference on the crust.  I didn’t notice that probably because I stuck with the outside pieces.  I do love my crust.


There was a good amount of cheese.  The sauce was good too I thought.  It was thicker and had a tomato paste flavor to it but also had a good seasoning.  The crust was thin and crispy.  Again my friend thought that wasn’t totally the case.  After reading the menu I found they do offer a pan pizza after four, which I wasn’t asked if I wanted.  I’m guessing that means most people get the thin and it would be better.


The do offer other things like sandwiches, salads and pastas as well as appetizers.  I would eat this pizza again.  I think next time I would make it a dine in experience.  That way I can flash back to the 70s.  Maybe start off in the lounge for a cocktail or beer then head to the restaurant side for a pizza.


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