0S050 Winfield Rd, Winfield IL 60190

I met up with my buddy for a Bears game at a bar near his house.  We were having some pops as I started to look over the food menu.  He asked if I wanted pizza.  LOL.  Do I want pizza? So he suggested we go across the street to Caliendo’s.  He said he loves the pizza and since it was a Sunday night the pizza would be half price.  The only thing better than good pizza is good pizza at a deal.

So we meander across the street.  It’s on the corner of a building in downtown Winfield.  There was some outdoor seating for nice weather.  We walk in and there is a large bar, lots of TVs, bar signage, and lots of tables.  There were a few bar games scattered about as well.  Bathrooms were at the back on one side with the kitchen at the back on the other side.  The was a door leading to another seating area, the restaurant side.  Apparently this place is split in two.

We grabbed the last two seats at the bar.  My friend knew the bartender so he introduced us.  We each got a drink and resumed watching the Bears game. Luckily the Cubs were also on to distract us from poor Bears play.  We get around to ordering our pizza, a large thin pepperoni and green pepper.


My disdain for square cut pizza grows.  Luckily my buddy is one of those few people that likes the middle pieces.  Perfect.  The pizza had a nice cook to it.  There was a little cheese sliding off the pie but the scars make it beautiful.  Or whatever that saying is.  There were plenty of toppings.  And the sauce was fine.  This crust was thin and cracker-like so it had a nice crunch.


Now this pizza is good and I will eat it again (especially if I’m there for half price), but I wouldn’t put it at the top of my list.  My friend said this is his favorite, but that’s what is great about pizza though.  There’s so many pizza places because there’s so many variables with pizza.  A pizza may look similar but taste completely different and one person’s good is another person’s great.  That’s sort of why this blog is here, to share with you all the different types out there.  Happy eating everyone.


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