Diamond Jim’s

325 Meier St
East Dundee, IL 60118

This is fun time of year, as least this year anyway, because the Cubs are in the post season.  And they are doing great.  I’ve been to Diamond Jim’s before.  It’s not too far from my house and I’m friendly with some of the staff.  It’s a cool bar to drink at.  I went there to watch a Cubs playoff game and also watch the Monday Night Football game.  You see, I’m also very involved with fantasy football and I was very interested in the happenings of the game.  Luckily Jim’s has two big TVs behind the bar.

You walk in the front door of this old building and there is an old bar on the left with some video gaming and tables on the right.  There’s also a set of stairs on the right that lead to a party room.  I know that they host a trivia night up there, I’ve gone once.  Let me tell you that it is a fun one.  The gentleman that runs it is very funny and his assistant is too.  They have a good back and forth with each other and the crowd.  I was caught off guard as they charge $7 to play.  They waive it your first time however.  Still, this was the only place I’ve been where they charge you to play.


There is also a sizable patio which you can access directly from the street or past the inside bar.  There is plenty of seating and a second bar out there.  (Oh, I think there was a bar upstairs too but it wasn’t in use the day I was up there.)  There is a second set of bathrooms outside as well, which is good.

Now to the good stuff.  Jim’s has dinner specials that run after five.  On Monday it’s $5 pizza!  My favorite food special.  That special is just cheese.  If you want to add toppings it’s $1 for veggies and $2 for meats.  I think that the normal cost of a pizza is at least twice that.  The pizza is a 14 inch and it is thin crust.  Based off a recommendation by my friends that work there I ordered one with BBQ sauce on it instead of pizza sauce and with Italian beef and giardiniera.

Doesn’t that look good!

Let me just say that this is the best thin crust pizza I have ever had.  The combination of toppings is great.  You have the sweetness of the BBQ sauce, the Italian beef, and the giardiniera which brings the heat.  It was a great pizza.  Surprisingly, I controlled myself and took some of it home.

It came out very quickly, about 13 minutes.  It wasn’t super busy and thin crust doesn’t take as long.  It was cut in squares but I didn’t mind this time.  The middle squares were crisp enough that I didn’t miss the crust edge.  My one complaint about the pizza was that it wasn’t evenly cooked.  The crust was charred on one side and white on the opposite side.  And the cheese was definitely more browned on the one side.

Notice the cooking unevenness 

The pizza was great.  I will come back and have this same pizza again, preferably on Mondays when it’s only $8, but I would pay full price.  Remember this is coming from a man who likes deep dish best.


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