I hope you’ve had a good holiday, whichever one you may celebrate. I know it’s been a while, something a new blog should not do. I could say that the holidays had kept me busy, but in reality that’s just not the truth. I haven’t made this blog a priority. I don’t make resolutions, but if I did I would say that writing a weekly entry for this would be one of them.


With that said, I’m going to cheat a little. I went to a place I’ve visited before. I made a stop at Caliendo’s in Winfield. Just like last time I ended up here on a Sunday after some drinks across the street. Just like last time pizza was half off. I went with a 14” double dough pepperoni. I remembered to get the pizza cut pie style. Crust for every piece, that’s my motto.

My tasty pie

Let’s back it up a bit. After coming over from across the street, my buddy and I went to have a seat at the bar. Unfortunately there weren’t any spots. Luckily one of the high top tables was freeing up. So we sat down. The table was dirty from the people before but they got to cleaning it up promptly. As a server I hate when people sit at dirty tables. I just became one of those I hate. No! (Shaking fist in the air.) So we sit down and order a beer and our pizzas. I went with the above mentioned. I may be fat but I planned on bringing half of it home. Don’t judge me. My buddy got a 16” thin crust pepperoni and green pepper with intentions of doing the same.

My buddy’s pizza

Right after we order a couple places opened up at the bar. We moved over there. Moving tables is something else I hate as a server. I’m such a hypocrite. I did tip the original server what I would have anyway, so at least I’m not that big a douche.

The pizza arrives and looks good. It’s beautifully cut into eight slices. It probably could have been cooked a little longer for my liking (the cheese could have been darker as could have the crust), but it was fine as is. They were a little sloppy with the sauce, spilling over the edge on one side. Lots of cheese on my pizza and the pepperoni seemed sufficient. One of my issues is that when cheese cooled a little, every time I got close to the crust, the toppings and cheese would just follow my teeth and slide off the crust.

The one defect

All in all I liked it better than the first time, primarily because I got a thicker crust pizza. If I remember correctly, I said I liked it as a thin crust pizza too. So I think that you would do well here with either style, even if they’re not running their pizza special.

As a last note I spent $11.74 for my pizza and a beer. And yes I took half the pizza home. Time to find the next place so I can keep on my new year’s non-resolution.


0S050 Winfield Rd
Winfield IL 60190

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