Rookies All-American Pub & Grill

1545 West Main Street
St. Charles, Illinois 60174

I’m going to start off by saying I’ve been coming to Rookies for at least 20 years, more regularly at certain points, but it’s always been “our bar” among my friends and I.  They are a great spot for sports; they probably have around 30 TVs.  There is Tuesday trivia night that I partake in more often than not.  They also have some games to one side.  Some are for anybody others are for those 21 and older that like to gamble.  When you walk in the front there is a regular restaurant area with booths and tables.  In the middle is a large bar that seats around thirty or so.  Behind the bar is some more tables and behind that the bathrooms.  The kitchen is behind some doors to the right.

I’ve had both good and bad experiences here over the years, it just so happens that the one I choose to do a post on is not one of the better ones.  Me and my friends got there around four on a Sunday afternoon to watch an NFL playoff game and to celebrate my friend’s birthday (Holla, Matt).  There is a total of seven adults and three kids who come in and out at various times.  We were given a couple tables in the back section.

We asked for a specific server we like, but she was swamped.  January at Rookies means dollar burgers.  All month-long you can get a hamburger and chips for a dollar with drink purchase.  It brings in a lot of people.  So we get a lovely girl who has been there about a month.  The birthday boy happened to bring a buy one get one free coupon with him.  I talked him into us splitting pizza instead of him taking the other home.  We ordered two 12-inch pizzas, one with spinach, sausage, onion, and black olive.  The other was just a pepperoni.  Both were to be cooked slightly longer.

My pepperoni pizza

When the pizzas arrived everything looked good.  The color of the cheese was perfect so it was the right amount of cook.  Upon further inspection however, my friend’s pizza was not right.  Instead of the sausage on their pie, they too were given pepperoni.  What’s confusing is she wrote the order down when she took it.  They weren’t that upset about it and mine was perfect.

My friend’s incorrect pie

Now let’s talk about why you’re here, the pizza.  Over the years, we’ve learned to ask to have it cooked a little longer.  That’s the best way to make sure the cheese has good color and it won’t be soggy.  And there was a good amount of cheese too.  There were plenty of toppings on the pie.  Speaking for my topping, the pepperoni was tasty and crisp and it wasn’t too greasy.  The crust was thin, and it was nice and crispy.  The sauce was a little bland for my taste.  There also wasn’t a lot of the sauce.  Something another friend reminded me after the fact, is that the pizzas need to be ordered, “a little more cooked and a little more sauce.”  I always forget one of them but recommend you do both if you go.


Just a couple other notes on the service that day.  In conversation with one of the other members of our party, we learned that we did not get the 12-inch pizzas we ordered but were given 10-inch pies instead.  She also messed up another friend’s pizza that day, not getting the cut style he wanted, they did squares instead of pie cut.  They also were giving my friend the wrong beer that day.  The server was ringing it in correctly, but someone had the wrong beer on the wrong line.  Very few people could tell the difference between the two, but he was one of them.  We also had issues with the value of our buy one, get one coupon being spread to the other two checks on our table.

Like I said, this is our bar, so we’ll be back.  The server was nice and apologetic for the mistakes, and we’ve had her before in short tenure there and she was problem free then.  It was a busy off day for her.  Before I forget, they have pizza half off on Mondays so that might be a good day to check it out.


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