Gianorio’s Pizza

27W193 Geneva Road, Winfield IL 60190

I stopped by this place off a recommendation from a friend, which seems to be where most of my choices come from.  I was told that aside from a standard order, they keep a freezer with pre-made pizzas in it.  I was driving home and hungry and thought stopping by and trying one of their frozen was good idea.

Gianorio’s is in a strip mall surrounded by a health food store, bike shop, other restaurants, and a massage parlor.  I forewent the massage and went in and picked up some pizzas.  You walk into a small lobby area.  On the left is a freezer filled with frozen pizzas and I think some other frozen goodies.  On the right is a cooler with sodas, salads, and some homemade desserts.  I do intend on trying those one of these days.

Behind the counter there were a handful of people working.  They had a cool looking machine on one of the counters that was used to roll out the dough.  And it was evident that machine helped produce the best looking frozen pizzas I’ve ever seen.

Two pounds three ounces of deliciousness
I grab a couple different pizzas, 12-inches.  They also offer smaller 10-inch ones.  I grabbed their menu and there appeared to be a larger selection of frozen pizzas than the menu indicated.  More palates to please.

Once I got home I cranked on the oven and unwrapped the pizza.  It was a good-looking pie.  There were plenty of toppings and nice and evenly spread out.  One thing I noticed that I didn’t care for was there was a thin layer of ice across the top.  It was primarily along the edges of the crust.  I’m not sure why it was there or what caused it but after baking the pizza I don’t think it did any damage.

I didn’t order my pizza on the rocks
I placed the pizza on a baking sheet and followed the directions.  I checked it at 12 minutes and it wasn’t even close.  Even the high-end of the suggested cooking time was not enough.  I’ve since cooked a total of three of their pizzas and say that 17 minutes would be the minimum cooking time.  Maybe the ice did play a part in the longer time but that’s just a hypothesis.

After a short cool down I cut it up and dug in.  The pepperoni was nice and tasty and was nice and crisp.  It wasn’t too greasy either, I didn’t need extra napkins to soak up grease.  The sausage had a nice taste too.  I also like how the sausage was more pebble-sized than other pizzerias.


There was a good amount of cheese, not oozing off the side when you pick it up, but there wasn’t a spot where there wasn’t any.  Aside from the mozzarella, they also top it with Romano cheese.  I don’t really care for Romano’s flavor but it wasn’t enough to turn me off the pizza.  The value of the crust for me was in its crunch and chew.  It was a thin crust that had a good crunch when you bite in but then followed by a satisfying chew.

I liked this pizza.  As of this writing, they were charging $7.75 for a 12-inch pepperoni pizza.  I’m willing to spend a couple bucks more for this local hand-made frozen pizza than one from a grocery store.  The taste is much better.  I told my friend that recommended the place what I thought and she said that the ones they make fresh are way better.  I look forward to finding out.  Until then…



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