Mamma Maria’s

130 W Vallette, Elmhurst  IL 60126

Another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody…so I went to my buddy’s house.  I decided to meet up with my friend in Elmhurst.  We were just going to hang out drinking beers and shooting the shit.  It was around dinner time so I told him I’d pick up a pizza on the way.

I got there just before seven.  It’s a small place in a building shared with a pediatric dentist.  You walk in and there were five tables inside on the left.  The counter for pickup was straight ahead.  I saw three people  working.  The first asked my name and rang me up while another over her shoulder grabbed my pizza.  I wanted a coke to drink with my pizza so I added that when I got there.  It wasn’t a problem and they had me out the door in an extremely efficient manner.  On an exciting note they didn’t carry Coke but did RC.  These small pizza places love their RC.

The pizza looked good.  I ordered a medium 14-inch thin crust with sausage, pepperoni, and onions.  There was plenty of cheese on it, probably more than I care for, but probably to the delight of most.  The pizza was a little under done for my taste.  The edges were nice but the center could have been cooked more.


I think that maybe the excess cheese created some issues with the pizza.  The crust underneath the center was a little under-cooked.  Also the cuts for the pieces were not made all the way through.  I think that the cheese may have contributed to that.

Aside form the cheese, the amount of toppings was good.  The crust along the edges was nice as well.  The sauce from what I recall didn’t have much to it.  It was cut into pieces, which we all know by now is not my favorite.

I like it a little spicy.

I think that if I ordered from here again, which I would, I would ask for light cheese, a little more cooked, and of course pie cut.  Mamma Maria’s was definitely good enough to order again.


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