Al’s Pizza

28w241 Warrenville Rd, Warrenville IL 60555

I was working my day job the other day when I started talking to a customer.  He was very enthusiastic about food and mentioned pizza.  That then was the predominate focus of our conversation.  Anyway, he lived in Warrenville and recommended that I try Al’s pizza.  So for National Pizza Day, which is February 9, I decided to make that my pizza of choice.  I was on the way home from work and didn’t want to stop or go back out, so I made it for carry out.

I plugged the address into some mapping software to get me there.  I’m loosely familiar with the area but definitely need to be shown the way.  Unfortunately, the mapping software wanted to put me in the middle of a family neighborhood about a half mile away.  I pulled off to the side and brought up a map to find the place.  A small two minute detour and I was there.

Al’s Pizza sits alone on a lot that runs along the West branch of the DuPage River.  Not sure of the age, but it calls an old house its home.  I guess it doesn’t sit alone, because the house is shared with a bar called the Towne Tap.  I park my car and enter the pizza entrance.  It’s a small hallway that leads to a counter with a kitchen behind it.  Past the counter is another room where I can see some old red booths and tables.  I should point out that there is a barber shop in the hallway that leads to the pizza counter.  This house has a lot going on.

I give the guy at the counter my name and he comes back my pizza in a nondescript brown box.  I ordered a 12-inch pepperoni pizza and paid less than $15.  I’m not sure on the exact price, mainly because I forgot to get the receipt (my accountant’s gonna be so pissed), but the website menu and the menu I took from the place were different.  I tipped the guy a couple dollars and he says, “Say thank you, Nick.”  Then from the guy in the kitchen I got a “Thank you.”


I get home and open the box.  To my delight it wasn’t a head but was a delicious looking pizza.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered.  They don’t have different types of crust, at least it isn’t mentioned anywhere, so I wasn’t sure if it was going to be thin, thick, or hand tossed.  In fact their menu is very concise.

The pizza looked good.  It was a thin crust that has a little bit of a crust to it, although a little unevenly, and was cut into pieces.  There was plenty of cheese and it was perfectly cooked for me with some nice browning.  The pepperoni was plentiful and evenly distributed.  The cheese and pepperoni combo did leave a bit of grease on the top.  It looked like they sprinkled a little seasoning but it was minimal and not evenly spread out.



I took a few pieces off and the cheese was a little stretchy.  The crust was chewy and didn’t have much crunch.  I really liked the flavor and crunch of the pepperoni.  The sauce was only OK.  I’d say it was a step above a simple tomato paste sauce with a little bit of flavor.


As I was eating my first piece I thought that I wasn’t going to really like it.  The more I ate however, the more I began to like it.  This is the kind of pizza I could eat a lot of, especially if I’ve had a few drinks in me.  This wouldn’t be my favorite place but it could become a spot on my regular list.  The pizza is above average, is easy to eat, and reasonably priced.  I will stop by again in the future for carry out but I also want to dine in next time so I can better describe the interior of the building.

A few things of note.  Al’s Pizza has been around since 1959.  It’s no longer the only pizza place in town, but has survived over the years.  It is CASH ONLY, so make sure you’ve got your money before you go, I’m not sure if there is an ATM there or in the bar.  Also take heed of the hours if you plan to stop by, they are all over the place.


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