Pizza Now

946 N. Neltnor Blvd, West Chicago IL 60185

I was on my way home on a Monday night around 5:30 and was thinking about where to stop for food.  I had passed this place a few times before.  It’s set up in a strip mall along a busy road.  There is a neon sign that says Pizza Now and a price, $5.29.  I wasn’t sure if that meant that there would be pizza to just walk in and take or if that was simply their name.  I drove by the store initially but then circled around the block to give it a try.


It’s a small storefront, with just a counter and a door leading to the kitchen.  There was one guy at the counter and one in back making pizzas.  The counter employee asked if he could help me.  I told them I wasn’t sure as I hadn’t been there before; then I asked him if I ordered or if there were pizzas to just carry out.  He told me that there were a few that I could just take, a couple cheeses, or if I waited a few minutes there would be a pepperoni coming out that I could have.  I opted to wait for one with a topping.

I paid $5.60 for my pie and waited.  There wasn’t any chairs to sit on so I just stood around.  In just a couple minutes it was out of the oven., boxed up, and I was on my way.  The box did had some grease on the top of it.


I got the pizza home and opened it up.  It looked like any other pizza that I could just grab and go.  There was an acceptable amount of cheese and toppings.  The cheese was slightly browned.  There were a couple smaller air bubbles but nothing outrageous.  On a side note, when I was young, the bigger the air bubbles the better.


Everything about this pizza was okay.  I would say that it’s the perfect pizza to get when you’re wanting to stop somewhere on the way without ordering ahead, and at just over five dollars it is a deal.

The only thing that was a little different about this pizza was the crust.  At first I was trying to compare it to something, like a pita or naan bread, but then it dawned on my that the crust was spongy.  It was soft without a crunch and sort of just went limp in your hand.  I didn’t really care for that but the taste wasn’t bad.  I’m sure I’ll stop there again.


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