Aurelio’s Pizza

330 E State St., Geneva IL 60134

I put the word out on Facebook that I wanted pizza for dinner tonight.  Anyone that knows me knows that wasn’t anything I needed to say.  I got a fish on the hook, but he got loose.  Thought I might have to pick another pizza up for Takeout Tuesday, but then another fish came along and I landed that one.  So I made plans with my buddy, his wife, and their toddler for a pizza dinner.  After some back and forth we decided on Aurelio’s.

Aurelio’s stares at me at least four days a week.  I work right across the street and yet have never been there before, so I was happy to go.  We decided to meet up at 5:45 on a Sunday night.  I got there first and went to get us a table.

Aurelio’s is a chain that has a location on the end of a block in historic downtown Geneva.  I parked on the side street and saw that they had some outdoor seating.  Now it’s a little cold for it as I write this but it looks like it would be a great place in the summer.  There is a back patio with outside bar as well as a side patio with some more seating.

I went in the main entrance off State Street.  The front has a large revolving door with a regular door to the left.  Walking in and going to the left there is a couple high-top tables, a small bar, and the restrooms.  Straight ahead is a hallway that leads to the kitchen in the back, the back patio, and a party room.  On the right is the main dining room with around 15 tables of various sizes, and a glass door/divider to the party room.  The host stand was right in front where a greeter got to me within a few seconds.  She led me to the main dining room and went and grabbed the booster seat for the toddler I asked for.

Once everyone arrived we started off with a few beer and some wine.  If you’re into beer at all, they have a good rotating local selection of craft beers.  It’s funny, they had a beer on tap by Stone called Wussie, but as the server told us they had to rename it because it was a family restaurant.  We also started with an appetizer, toasted ravioli.  It was eight pieces of cheese ravioli with sauce.  I was told it was good; I didn’t have any myself.


Two out of the three of us like thicker pizza, so that’s what we settled on.  We got a 15-inch thick pizza, which the server said was like a double dough.  They do also offer thin and stuffed.  On our pizza we went with sausage and peppers on all of it and mushrooms and black olives on half.  And what is common for the friend I was with, we also ordered the pizza a little well done.  Then in a decent amount of time it came out.


The first thing I noticed when it came out was that it was in square cut.  I really am curious why all the mega chain pizza places do pie cut, yet most every other small store cuts them in squares.  Anyway, I digress.  The second thing I noticed was that the pizza was on a cooling rack above the pizza pan.  I didn’t ask why but assumed so that it’s not sitting in it’s own juices getting soggy.

I pulled a couple pieces off and looked at them.  It definitely was more like a double dough.  In fact you could see a split in the dough where they laid one on top of the other.  In fact, one of the pieces I had, the bottom just peeled off the top.

Alright, now let’s talk about flavor.  There were definitely enough toppings for my taste.  They were well distributed throughout the pizza.  The crust was nice and crunchy, part of that I’m sire was due to the request for a well done pizza.  However, the cheese didn’t look like it normally does when pizzas are cooked longer.  It did taste good and was nice and stretchy.  The sauce here is what makes this pizza stand out.  It is a sweet sauce, sweeter than any other I’ve had.  I love my sweets, so I obviously liked this sauce, but aside from just sweetness it had a good flavor.

I would definitely come here again.  The place was clean and bright and the pizza was good.  I saw a thin crust pizza go out and it still had some thickness to it, so I think I would give that  a try next time.  I’d also like to check out the vibe on the patio on a weekend night in the summer, I’m sure it’s a blast.  I paid for the just the pizza and that came to $31.17.  My friend’s got the rest which came to around $41.  Our server was nice and efficient, however when he dropped off the processed credit cards he didn’t say anything, no good-bye or come back soon or thanks.  That seemed a little rude end to an otherwise pleasant experience.


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