27W193 Geneva Road, Winfield, IL 60190

Where have I been?  I’m sure that you’ve been wondering that.  Well I apologize, I’ve been concentrating on another venture and have been lax in my duties as a pizza connoisseur and critic.  Well I’m back with a cheat post.  I decided to hit up a place I’ve been to before.  I really liked their frozen take home pizzas, and since I didn’t want to eat sloppy joes for the fourth day in a row I went and grabbed a pizza.

Ice, ice baby

I grabbed a frozen pepperoni and sausage.  They have homemade deserts there and I was tempted, but I skipped it.  The pizza was $8.75 plus tax, totaling $9.41.  I got it home and and opened it up and this pizza just like the previous one had some fine ice crystals over the top.  Once the oven was preheated to 400 degrees I popped it in the oven.  The package gave a 12-15 minute cooking time, but yet again it needed at least 20 minutes.


The pizza tasted as good as I remember the first one did.  There were plenty of tasty toppings and the crust had a good crunch to it.  Same drawbacks as before; the sauce was a little thicker than I like and the pizza is topped with a Romano cheese which I don’t particularly care for.  Another winner for sure though.  I will continue to buy the frozen pizzas from there and still plan on ordering one of their fresh made pies.  Maybe I’ll do a side by side comparison.


Enjoy a slice.


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