Rosati’s Pizza – South Elgin

1165 W Spring St, South Elgin, IL 60177

My sister and her family stopped in town for the weekend.  She wanted to know if I wanted to meet them at our mother’s house dinner.  I said, “Sure.”  I get there expecting dinner to be made, they’re both professional chefs, but alas they wanted pizza.  That was just fine by me.  She likes the Rosati’s from South Elgin so that was going to be where we ordered from.

Now I’ve been to Rosati’s before (link to other review here) and I’ve been to this one plenty of times.  It’s generally a matter of convenience; they serve by the slice.  So I would grab one for lunch along with a can of Coke for less than five dollars.  There was going to be four adults and a two-year-old eating.  My mother had a coupon for a free 12-inch thin crust cheese pizza with purchase of and 18 or 20-inch pizza.  After an unnecessarily long debate with some very boring pizza eaters, we went with an 18-inch thin crust with sausage on half plus the free pizza with coupon.


I went online to find their information and saw that they had online ordering.  I figured I’d give that a try.  I do not like the online ordering, it’s confusing.  At the top of the page after you select pizza, there is a parenthetical that says “make it half and half.”  I click on it and it just loads the specialty pizzas  you can divide you pizza into.  I didn’t see how you can just order half sausage.  So I quit and just called.  (I went to the website and looked at the ordering page again, this time on a computer and not my smartphone.   I say it is still confusing but I did see that toppings were listed further down and when you clicked on them you could then tick a box to make it half the pizza.  Also I saw that upon checkout I could enter a coupon code, yet the coupon on the menu I had didn’t have any code listed.)

I called the store at 5 pm on a Sunday night.  The phone was answered quickly and I wasn’t put on hold.  She asked for my number and then what I wanted to order.  I ordered the two pizzas and mentioned the coupon.  She told me it would be $22.13 and quoted me a 25 minute cook time.  The whole call lasted one minute; fast and efficient, just the way I like it.

I arrived at the store at about the 20 minute mark.  The store is in a little strip mall with a sub shop, florist, tobacco shop, and market.  I went in to pay.  It’s a small little lobby with a drink fridge on the right as well as their menu on the wall.  There’s also a bench inside to sit and wait.  I stepped up to the counter and gave them my name.  She rang me up and went to get the pizzas.  They weren’t quite ready yet.  I told her no problem, I had to run to the market to get ice cream for desert.  With ice cream in hand, I returned.  I walked in and without saying anything a different young lady reached into the warmer and pulled out my pizzas and gave them to me, wishing me a good night.

You can see what the look like in the above photos.  I have to mention that had a similar look to them in person; I think the lighting changed between the pictures of the two.  My opinion of the pizza is similar to the other review.  The only difference this time is that I had a thin crust instead of a double dough and the topping choice was sausage.  The pizza was party cut, aka cut into squares.  (I learned this term within the past week.  Tavern cut is also acceptable.)

I love adding hot pepper flakes

The thin crust was crispy, almost cracker like.  The bottom wasn’t burnt and the little bit of edge crust was golden brown.  The sausage topping was tasty.  It had a nice seasoning and good flavor.  It wasn’t greasy or fatty.

Another successful pizza.  I will order from them again in the future.


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